Dentist In Elk Grove California

What does a consumer in California look for in a dentist? With so many dentists operating in the big sunny state, consumers want quality they can find locally. Dentists in Elk Grove, CA for instance, should give clients good value for money and plenty of options.

Dentistry for ChildrenDentistry for Children

A dentist who is comfortable working with children is worth his weight in gold caps. He can settle children down when they are nervous. Children who do not know what to expect are put at their ease.

If he has a good way with his young clients, they want to do what he tells them: clean and floss their teeth every day, avoid chewy foods, and stop sucking their thumbs. Youngsters who start visiting the dentist early are more comfortable with dentistry, so long as their parents are not openly nervous about going for a cleaning.

In this case, parents also feel more relaxed. They do not have to drag their kids to the dentist. At least one Elk Grove dentistry practice is dedicated to serving children.

Nervous Dental Patients

Most people can associate with a feeling of nervousness before having a cavity filled or a root canal done. Some individuals, however, are frightened to get into a dentist’s chair to do anything, whether it is to have a cleaning or an x-ray.

This fear might actually be a phobia or a response to previous dental trauma. There is rarely any major pain associated with teeth cleaning unless gingivitis has made gums swollen or sensitive teeth are pained by extreme cold.

Many dentists are prepared for this and offer their patients options to help them look after their teeth. One of those options is to ask about oral sedatives. These are mild pharmaceuticals administered in the office.

A stronger form of sedative is laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Finally there is general anesthetic. Typically, this is offered for large-scale treatments such as pulling wisdom teeth or performing implants in the hospital, but consumers can ask to have a general anesthetic if they are very frightened of visiting the dentist to get a filling too.

Most of the time a sedative is highly effective. There will be an extra cost and time commitment involved since sedatives take a while to do their magic. Moreover, a sedated customer is less able to help. It is also important to arrange for someone to take you to and from the dentist. You will be unable to drive for some hours afterwards.

Another option is self-care. Self-care will not make going to the dentist any easier for phobic clients or eliminate the need for dentistry. Still, self-care tips and products might lessen the chance of needing dental work.

It will also reduce the time spent in the office. For instance, if you get advice on tooth whitening products or on the importance of flossing regularly, you can make your visits to the dentist short and painless by lessening the chance of having cavities or swollen gums.

Basic Services offered by Elk Grove Dentists

The typical dentist offers at least the following basic services:

• Cleaning
• X-rays
• Fluoride treatment
• Preventative education
• Root canal
• Fillings
• Sealants
• Crowns
• Bridges

They will also treat periodontal disease which is common among individuals with poor dental hygiene.

Most dentists’ websites also list some simple information designed to help clients understand their responsibility. It includes frequently asked questions about dental care and procedures, plus some extra information about causes and prevention of major dental problems.

So much of this is common sense, stuff you learn if you are listening to the dentist or pay attention to oral hygeine. Even basic teeth cleaning methods are covered here, such as how to choose a good toothpaste.


While there are typical services, technology is not the same from office to office. Advances in dental technology continue to make procedures safer, more effective, quicker, and more comfortable. Not every office has the same level of fine equipment, though none have remained in the dark ages.

They can all give you high quality care with well-maintained equipment that is up to California dental standards. In fact, if you do not mind an office without the most up-to-the-minute equipment, you could save a bit of money.

More Services

Consumers who have lost teeth will sometimes ask for restorative services, including having bridges made and attached, getting dental implants, or have teeth contoured to a more pleasing shape. Implants are typically done in a hospital because a screw is drilled into the bone for each implant being put in place.

A good dentist will supply his clients with several options. For instance, he might recommend getting two implants near each other with a bridge across them to reduce the cost and hassle of this process.

Cosmetic Dentistry

More often than ever, dentists in California are practicing cosmetic dentistry. Consumers seek teeth whitening (with lasers or bleaching trays), veneers, crowns, and minor straightening procedures, and so you will want to assure ahead of time that your prospective dentist in Elk Grove has this as one of the services they specialize in.

These services are expensive, but accessible to everyone, not just movie stars. Appliances are usually installed by orthodontists, but some dentists will do small-scale orthodontic work. Invisible braces, for instance, are installed in several dentists’ offices.


Going to the dentist is an expensive but necessary prospect. Not going to the dentist is often a false economy, leading to big problems which cost more to repair than the price of regular cleanings. Find a dentist whose services are covered by your insurer.

Another important thing to do is to check out the prices charged by various dentists for their procedures. For instance, go to their websites and find a fee schedule if you can, or email the office for an estimate. While the finest wallpaper and flooring is lovely to look at, you would probably rather pay a little less for your fluoride treatment and do without the finest décor.

There are a number of Elk Grove dentists, so finding one within your price range is highly possible. Also, note that some dentists in Elk Grove may specialize in cosmetic procedures and may not be ideal for the average family.

If you are still unsure, visit an independent review site. There you will see reviews written by past and present customers.